The Vaccine Mandate is Not About Immunity

The Vaccine Mandate is Not About Immunity

1/09 Massive MEME dump (Thanks R!)  On meme page.

1/09  Front page meme
1/09  700 fired amid health care shortage

12/21 FJB and his divisive message!
Added article about CDC changing definition of "vaccine"

An abusive relationship is the perfect metaphor for this occurance!  Poeple are upset at their lack of control and not our decision not to vaccinate.

Click the photo for the article, some may say this is a manufactured crisis of it's own making.

Looks like Joe Biden wants us to die. Not find alternatives like Ron DeSantis did, but die.

Maybe then he can win an election? FJB, we aren't scared no matter how much you will make the media attempt to fear us and DIVIDE citizens.

CDC changes definition of Vaccine to help hide the fact that people are still catching and spreading Covid while "vacccinated.

Just in time for Fauci-mas!!! 🎄

Vaccine Mandate is NOT about immunity! #LoadOfCrap

Declining the vaccine IS SCIENCE.

It is ignorance and propaganda to call those who are not yet convinced about taking the Covid Vaccine "Science Deniers".


We are more scientific than those that are brow-beating those who want to investigate the vaccines and their effects further. 

Help stop the ignorance.

Negative Covid rest required?  "Vaccinated" are exempt. Natural Immunity are not? 

#NotAboutImmunity #notaboutimmuinity not about immunity

76% of recent COVID deaths in Vermont were ‘fully vaccinated’

News & reports #notaboutimmuinity not about immunity

Thirty Scientific Studies to Share with Employers, Health Officials, and Politicians #notaboutimmuinity not about immunity

Study: Natural Immunity More Effective and Longer Lasting than Vaccine #notaboutimmuinity not about immunity

Not About Immunity: Local Bad Asses!